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Cordless Vacuums

Joe Carter - Saturday, August 04, 2018
 Looking for a cordless vacuum for quick pick ups or for times between vacuuming with your regular cleaner?

  We have several cordless, rechargeable vacs for you to choose from. We hand select the products we carry to a higher standard so you don't waste your money.

  Beware of heavily advertised brands. Most often they are no better, and sometimes inferior than the other choices. Don't be fooled by their higher price tag. The price is higher to cover the constant advertising.

  We are seeing most of the Dyson products lasting only 2 years before they fail, where some of the less advertised products that cost half the price are lasting way past 5 years and work better.

  Come see us and find what fits your needs best.

Service after the sale

Joe Carter - Wednesday, September 27, 2017

One major thing that most people overlook when considering  the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner is the service available for it, and / or the ability for repairs when needed. If you purchase a vacuum cleaner online or from a big box store you will need to call a number for help when the time comes for repair. Most big box stores only carry bagless, Chinese made cleaners that are intended to last a very short amount of time and they are very prone to failure. This means you will need repair sooner than you think. Do you really want to call a number and be put on hold for who knows how long ? Do you really want to have to talk to a person in a foreign country that you can barely understand only so they can tell you where to ship your vacuum to be repaired ? That's not even including the hassle and expense of shipping it ! 

 If you buy a quality product from Viewmont Vacuums, we not only cover the warranty for you with no hassles, but the fact is we meticulously pick the products we carry  to the highest standards so you will not need to have repairs done in the first place in most cases. In  case there is a failure we will take care of it onsite and in a very short amount of time with no expense or hassle to you.   We recommend Miele, Sebo , and Riccar as our primary brands for this reason. We also carry a variety of other brands on a selective basis such as Hoover, Fuller Brush, and Panasonic. 

 If you already have a vacuum that has problems, no reason to worry there, we can still help you. We do  hundreds of repairs every week on vacuums that were purchased elsewhere. We have over 30 years of technical and mechanical expertise on staff to handle anything you can throw at us. And then when you are ready to upgrade we can help.

Buying Local and why it matters

Joe Carter - Thursday, March 09, 2017
Sometimes people don't think of the consequences of their actions. Specifically buying local verses buying online. If you think about the impact of your local economy if all the stores closed, what would that mean and what would it look like? Well some would say, "It won't make any difference, I don't want to bother myself with going out to those stores, I would rather shop online and have FedEx or UPS bring it to me. What's the problem?, besides, if I get free shipping and no sales tax, why would I go to the trouble to buy local?"
Here's the problem : If you stop supporting the local retailers you first lose the quality products that are only sold in small shops. Secondly you lose the attention, expertise, and knowledge of your "local guy". The third step down is having to deal with support systems ( that don't work very well ) for warranties, or just simple "how to" questions over the phone with minimum wage customer service reps that don't know anything about your product and really don't care. 
A big part of "losing local" is losing the quality products that are sold in these stores. Big box stores don't sell quality. They don't advertise durability, and are not interested in products that last a lifetime. They need you back next year to buy more and then the following year to do it again. High volume stores have to have high volume. Quality products don't give them that volume. Local stores need happy customers, and repeat customers because they are satisfied, not because they were forced to purchase again. If your only choice becomes disposable products that don't perform very well or last very long, you will only have your self to thank. And you will have landfills full of Chinese plastic because of it. 
The topper to all this is an unforeseen issue that most skeptics never consider. The tax and cost of living factor. Think about the small amount of sales tax you pay, or the tax you avoid if you shop online. If all your local retailers were forced to close because of the lack of business, your local municipalities would have to find a new source of revenue. Your police dept, fire dept, garbage pick up, local road maintenance, etc are all paid for by tax revenue. If everybody stops buying local those taxes will have to come from you in different ways. You can be sure if a new tax is implemented it will not be as efficient as the current system. 
Bottom line. Buying local supports your neighborhood and your state. It supports your neighbors that go to the same restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and doctors that you do. It keeps a healthy local community where you live and where your kids grow up. It keeps your cost of living at a reasonable level. And you get better products that work better and last longer which in turn saves you even more of your hard earned money.
There are even online stores now selling pre-packaged meals so you can eliminate you local grocer ! Can you imagine ? ....

New Cordless Riccar

Joe Carter - Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The wait is over ! The new Riccar cordless, lightweight vacuum cleaner is here ! This is the same 8 pound vacuum Riccar has been building for many years except now it has no cord to tie you down. The powerful 44 volt Lithium Ion battery provides over an hour of vacuum time and takes only a short time to recharge. This new Riccar is destined to revolutionize the vacuum cleaner industry.It has a hepa type bag that is very dust free.  It comes with a 4 year warranty, and a 2 year battery warranty. Made in the USA !  We have stocked plenty of them, so come by and get yours today while they are on sale. 


Joe Carter - Monday, August 24, 2015

Have you seen a coupon for vacuum bags,belts, filters, or a vacuum cleaner in the news paper, or an online coupon that you plan on using? Viewmont Vacuums will accept any valid coupon from any competition  as if we published it. Bring in your coupon, and we will honor it. You can be sure that Viewmont Vacuums already has the best price possible, we also offer trade ins that most of the competitors don't, AND we will accept their coupon too ! We are here to give you the best experience long term with the right vacuum cleaner for your needs, and we also want you to feel like you will always get the best deal from us, over any other source. One more way Viewmont Vacuums is making every effort to help you buy local and save. 

Vacuuming in the wrong way

Joe Carter - Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Is there really a wrong way to vacuum? Well, there’s a better way to vacuum. Don’t vacuum perpendicular to the baseboard or you will push dirt under it that will likely get stuck there forever. Instead, vacuum parallel to the baseboard at the edges of the room. Then, make sure to vary your direction in the middle of the room to and lift, separate, and untangle fibers.

Bags were better then and now

Joe Carter - Friday, August 22, 2014
This was taken from an article written in 1959. Funny how just 50 years later people have forgotten how messy a vacuum cleaner can be without disposable bags. 

"Paper dirt collector bags

Only five years ago one of the most distasteful jobs around the house was the emptying of the vacuum cleaner bag. Today, the use of disposable paper dirt collectors has done much to eliminate most of the unpleasantness of this chore. The cost of these bags varies considerably, from about 15 cents to 35 cents each for different models of cleaners, which means a small addition to the household expenditures. But the feature has now come to be considered a “necessary luxury” by most vacuum cleaner owners."

The good news is, bag technology has improved to a very high level of dust containment today, and bagless vacuum cleaners are the worst choice in comparison to a well engineered, top quality bag type cleaner.

Carpet Fresh powder

Joe Carter - Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Carpet Fresh", "Love My Carpet", or other brands of powders that are designed to "freshen" carpet are the absolute worst thing you can do to your vacuum cleaner. They not only do not freshen your carpet, they destroy the carpet, the vacuum cleaner, and the floor beneath in some cases. These ( so called ) freshener powders are very fine, abrasive, and corrosive, and they also hold moisture which compounds the corrosive issue. They get into all the tiny nooks and crannies of a vacuum cleaner and cause trouble. Because of the nature of this product, it also will clump. Clumping causes the carpet to deteriorate and can hold enough moisture to rot the floor under the carpet. A vacuum cleaner has ball bearings in the brush roll, the power nozzle motor, and the vacuum motor, all which are adversely effected by this fine, abrasive, corrosive particle. It would be equivalent to poring sand into the crank case ( into the oil ) of you car. 

 This is a product that will void the warranty of your vacuum cleaner. Every vacuum manufacturer has that in the small print of the warranty, so beware. 


  The only true way to eliminate odor problems associated with pets or bacterial odors in your vacuum cleaner is to neutralize them with active charcoal. Most of the better brands of vacuum cleaners have active charcoal filters that can be added to eliminate odors. Miele S6, and S8 canisters are certified sealed systems and offer the "Active Air Clean Filter" on their machines that are the very best at odor control. Riccar , Sebo, and Lindhaus also offer active filters. 

 If you have indoor pets you need a vacuum cleaner with a charcoal filter, and most likely a good extractor to keep the carpets clean and the odors to a minimum. 

Brands that have changed ownership

Joe Carter - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In the last 20 years a lot has changed as far as brand names in the vacuum cleaner world. Hoover, Dirt Devil, Royal, and now Oreck are all owned  by TTI ( techtronic Industries ) of China. In an effort to make an ever cheaper vacuum cleaner that will satisfy the high volume need of mass merchant stores, or "big box" stores as some call them, the brand loyalty goes out the window because of premature failure. In other words, when a vacuum cleaner is designed and built to last only one year, it's hard to convince buyers to keep buying the same brand repeatedly. 

 Another casualty is Electrolux. A brand that meant quality as far back as 1927 is now owned by White Consolidated, or the company that owns Eureka. Essentially the product sold in mass merchant stores labeled Electrolux is nothing more than a Chinese made Eureka with an inflated price tag.

 There are a few brands that still represent quality today. Miele is not only the oldest company making vacuum cleaners today, but also the largest family owned appliance company in the world as they are still owned by the Miele family since 1899. Their quality is unsurpassed because they are committed to their own family heritage as well as a commitment to excellence in their industry.  Sebo, another German made vacuum is also very well made and not willing to reduce quality for a low price. Riccar and Kirby are the only two manufacturers that still produce vacuum cleaners in the USA.

Generic Vac bags

Joe Carter - Monday, June 25, 2012
Cheap, generic vacuum bags are as damaging to your vacuum cleaner as cheap generic motor oil is to your car. The saying, "oil is cheaper than engine parts" holds true for vacuum cleaners too with a change to " quality bags are cheaper than replacing a motor"
 Don't cheat yourself by buying cheap bags. Your vacuum will suffer, your respiratory system will suffer, and you home will be dustier because of it. Did you really save anything after all ? 

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