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Are Bagless Vacuums Really Better ?

Joe Carter - Monday, July 26, 2010
Are Bagless vacuum cleaners better or worse than bag type vacuum cleaners ? There is a huge assortment of vacuum cleaner choices on the market today. If you only shop at the "Big Box " stores, you could come to the conclusion that they are all bagless. We'll the truth is, bagless cleaners are what the large discount / high volume stores prefer because it satisfies the platform requirements of the store. Large chain stores have to have volume. They must sell large quantities of merchandise to justify taking up the shelf space in the store. Therfore, when it comes to vacuum cleaners, they need you to come back to purchase your next vacuum in 1 year or as close to that as possible. The standard warranty on the brands that they typically carry, is 1 year, so they want it to atleast last until the warranty has expired. Then they need you back so that their volume stays high. To achieve this goal, the vacuum cleaner selections they choose to sell, are cheaply engineered, bagless usually, and primarily manufactured in China to keep the production cost as low as possible. Because of this, the choices are poor quality , bagless, dust blowers that don't work well or last very long. There are a few exceptions to this, such as Dyson and a few others. They claim to be better quality, and they also cost a good bit more. Are they really better ? In some ways yes, but the whole idea of bagless verses bags is still based on the assumptiom that bags "lose suction" and bagless doesn't. The other myth is that bags are dusty and messy.  In reality, the opposite is true. Another reason vacuum shoppers think bagless will be better is they won't have to buy bags anymore, and they will save some money. So let's address these issues:
First, bagless vacuum cleaners for sale today, are not more dust free than a high quality bag type vacuum. A bagless cleaner with a HEPA filter is putting the filter there to capture dirt and particles that it was never intended to handle. If the machine has a quality bag prior to the filter, then the filter only has to do the job of capturing microscopic particles, and that is what a HEPA filter is designed to do. When a filter in a bagless cleaner gets clogged, which happens regularly, dirt and dust starts blowing out cracks and spaces around the filter, because the air has to escape. You end up with a terrible mess.
Bottom line, is this. A good quality vacuum cleaner with a quality bag, will capture more dirt and dust. It will also package that for you, so you don't have to breathe all that airborne polution while emptying a dustbin. And even the highest quality bags, such as Miele AirClean bags, will cost less money annually than filters for the cheapest bagless cleaners.
 So save your money, save your lungs, keep your home cleaner and more dust free. Your next purchase should be from a local vacuum store, and it should have a high quality bag.

Vacuum cleaner reviews

Joe Carter - Monday, July 19, 2010
 Something that I have noticed over the years, that seems to be getting worse. Vacuum cleaner ratings and reviews. There are so many ways to research and learn about products these days on the internet. You can gain alot of useful information, but you can also get swayed into buying a product with high reviews that were given to a product just to sell it. A good example of this is Consumer Reports. They rate vacuum cleaners every few years. If you look at the list of their top picks for that report, you will almost always find Hoover and Kenmore in the top 3. In 1996, I believe it was, they rated a Kenmore as the best buy for that report. Third from the bottom of the list was a Singer upright. To the uninformed consumer ( which IS the whole point of the report ), that would tell them that the Singer wasn't very good, and that the Kenmore was what they should buy. The problem is, the Kenmore was exactly the same vacuum cleaner; manufactured by Singer for Sears, with a Kenmore label. How can the same vacuum cleaner be a best buy, and third from the bottom at the same time, in the same test?  They are not a dependable resource, yet they claim to be.
 There are a lot of internet sights now popping up that are claiming to give unbiased reviews of vacuum cleaners. Some are fairly accurate, but most are trying to sell their product over the competition by inflating it's strong points, and tearing down  the others. Beware of these tactics.
The best source for the truth on which vacuum cleaner is best for your needs, is to walk into a local vacuum store that sells all makes, and they will give you an unbiased look at several choices that fit your needs, and let you decide what you want. That way you get first hand information that is useful to you, not generic information designed to help the average consumer.

Environmental Conscience

William Hollar - Thursday, July 15, 2010

When it comes to the economy and the world we all are living in today, more and more people are talking about what they can do to make a difference in their environment. Of coarse I don't like pollution of any kind, but my primary concern isn't whether or not the globe is warming or cooling at the moment. I am concerned, however,  about the  local economies in this country. Some have started to figure it out, and everyday more people are thinking about buying local instead of supporting large corporately owned chain stores, or what most people call "big box" stores, or worse yet, buying online.  There are statistics that show the exact percentage of every dollar spent, and how much of it impacts your local economy. I don't know the exact figures, but a very small amount of your money stays in your community when you spend it at the large mass merchant stores, and none of it stays when you purchase online. On the other hand, when you support your locally owned shops, almost all of it stays local.

You may ask, why does that matter.  There are many, many reasons why it matters. Local governments can only keep paying the fire department and policemen, and paving the roads, etc. when tax revenue is collected from purchases that are made locally.  Typically small, local owned shops have better quality merchandise, often at the same price as inferior products at the chain stores. But the biggest impact that can be achieved by shopping at locally owned stores, is this. Local stores can only keep their doors open if they are making a profit. They can't pay the rent or their employees, if nobody is purchasing from them. If all the local shops in this country went out of business, and there was nothing left but Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc. your choices would be limited to cheaply manufactured goods and products, with very short life spans, and you would have no possible way to ever regain American jobs that manufacture quality goods that are made here. The "big box stores" don't sell quality !  High volume is what these stores are built on. If they sold quality products you won't return to purchase again, soon enough. 70% of all upright vacuum cleaners are made over seas ! Why ? Because cheaply built vacuums that are designed to last 1 year are what "big box stores" sell. They need you back !

 To get our jobs back, and to keep the ones we haven't lost yet, and to retain the few good quality product choices that we still have. Buy local !

And buy American made as often as you can

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