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Service after the sale

Joe Carter - Wednesday, September 27, 2017

One major thing that most people overlook when considering  the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner is the service available for it, and / or the ability for repairs when needed. If you purchase a vacuum cleaner online or from a big box store you will need to call a number for help when the time comes for repair. Most big box stores only carry bagless, Chinese made cleaners that are intended to last a very short amount of time and they are very prone to failure. This means you will need repair sooner than you think. Do you really want to call a number and be put on hold for who knows how long ? Do you really want to have to talk to a person in a foreign country that you can barely understand only so they can tell you where to ship your vacuum to be repaired ? That's not even including the hassle and expense of shipping it ! 

 If you buy a quality product from Viewmont Vacuums, we not only cover the warranty for you with no hassles, but the fact is we meticulously pick the products we carry  to the highest standards so you will not need to have repairs done in the first place in most cases. In  case there is a failure we will take care of it onsite and in a very short amount of time with no expense or hassle to you.   We recommend Miele, Sebo , and Riccar as our primary brands for this reason. We also carry a variety of other brands on a selective basis such as Hoover, Fuller Brush, and Panasonic. 

 If you already have a vacuum that has problems, no reason to worry there, we can still help you. We do  hundreds of repairs every week on vacuums that were purchased elsewhere. We have over 30 years of technical and mechanical expertise on staff to handle anything you can throw at us. And then when you are ready to upgrade we can help.


Joe Carter - Monday, August 24, 2015

Have you seen a coupon for vacuum bags,belts, filters, or a vacuum cleaner in the news paper, or an online coupon that you plan on using? Viewmont Vacuums will accept any valid coupon from any competition  as if we published it. Bring in your coupon, and we will honor it. You can be sure that Viewmont Vacuums already has the best price possible, we also offer trade ins that most of the competitors don't, AND we will accept their coupon too ! We are here to give you the best experience long term with the right vacuum cleaner for your needs, and we also want you to feel like you will always get the best deal from us, over any other source. One more way Viewmont Vacuums is making every effort to help you buy local and save. 

Bags were better then and now

Joe Carter - Friday, August 22, 2014
This was taken from an article written in 1959. Funny how just 50 years later people have forgotten how messy a vacuum cleaner can be without disposable bags. 

"Paper dirt collector bags

Only five years ago one of the most distasteful jobs around the house was the emptying of the vacuum cleaner bag. Today, the use of disposable paper dirt collectors has done much to eliminate most of the unpleasantness of this chore. The cost of these bags varies considerably, from about 15 cents to 35 cents each for different models of cleaners, which means a small addition to the household expenditures. But the feature has now come to be considered a “necessary luxury” by most vacuum cleaner owners."

The good news is, bag technology has improved to a very high level of dust containment today, and bagless vacuum cleaners are the worst choice in comparison to a well engineered, top quality bag type cleaner.

Pet Odors

Joe Carter - Tuesday, December 14, 2010
 Does your vacuum cleaner stink ? Most households have some type of odor issue associated with their vacuum cleaner. If you have indoor pets, yours can be quite severe. There are a lot of products on the market that are targeted to the pet owner to help mask some of these odors, but you should beware of almost all of the powder types. Brands such as "Love my Carpet" and "Carpet Fresh" are the absolute worst possible thing you can do to solve this issue. They not only cake up in the carpet and cause terrible damage to the carpet and pad, but they destroy vacuum cleaners as well. Also, using those products will void your vacuum cleaner warranty.
 The best, most effective way to eliminate odors from your vacuum is an active charcoal filter. There are a handful of quality vacuum cleaners equipped with these. Some come with the filter already installed, and some offer it as an option. Miele has the highest rating for dust free capacity, and has a full line of S2 and S5 canisters that have active HEPA filters, and they now have a new S7 upright "Cat & Dog" machine that comes with an active charcoal filter installed. Riccar , Sebo, and Lindhaus also have several offerings with charcoal filters too.
 One side note to consider when shopping for a new vacuum; Just because a machine says "Animal" or "Pets" does not mean it has any provision for pet odors. In fact, most big box store brands, such as Bissell, Hoover, and Dyson, have machines labeled for pets; but are absolutely no different than their non pet labeled product, other than the color. It's all just a marketing plan to peak your attention, since you own a pet. Bagless cleaners have the least amount of filtration, and no provision for odor control.
 The second best way to deal with an odor problem, if you don't have a machine that will accept a charcoal filter, is to use some sort of fragrance to mask the odors. Viewmont Vacuums carries several different brands, and a multitude of different fragrances to suit your taste. And these products won't harm your machine or your carpet.
 Don't forget to have your vacuum serviced regularly and have the filters changed to maintain peak performance and odor free,clean air.

Dry Cleaning carpet

Joe Carter - Tuesday, November 02, 2010
 Dry cleaning is one of the best choices for cleaning your carpet. Most people are familiar with the extraction method, or as it's commonly called, steam cleaning. It's a good way to get carpets clean, but it does have its drawbacks. When you use the extraction method, you are dispensing hot water and detergent into the carpet, scrubbing it, and vacuuming it back up. While this does a pretty good job on most types of carpet, you do have the hazard of not being able to get all the water back up. If too much moisture remains, the carpet and pad can mildew. Another negative to this method is not being able to walk on the carpet for several hours until it's completely dry. If walked on when wet, it will press the carpet down, and won't stand up correctly after it's dry. The biggest drawback to steam cleaning by far, though, is having to move furniture. You have to clean wall to wall for the carpet to look right after cleaning is completed, so all the furniture has to be moved out of the room. This can be quite inconvenient.
 With dry cleaning, you only have to clean the dirty parts of the carpet. That is typically the traffic lanes. Because the carpet doesn't get saturated, it doesn't change the fabric of the carpet, so you don't have to worry about the carpet not matching the parts under furniture. After all, there's no dirt under the furniture anyway; why should you go to the trouble to move it and clean it?
 There is no wait time with dry cleaning either. You can clean it and walk on it at the same time. It does take 3 or 4 hours usually to completely finish the process of the powder, but while it's on the carpet, doing its thing, it is completely safe to walk on, and pets and children are not in danger, because it's non toxic.
 So, for a simple, affordable, easy way to clean your carpets yourself, come check out the variety of products Viewmont Vacuums offers for dry cleaning.
 We have machines for sale or rental, and we carry Lindhaus, Pure Power; Sebo, Duo powder; and now Riccar, Carpet Keeper products, and we can recommend which one is right for your needs.
 We do also sell, service, and repair all brands of carpet extractors ( steam cleaners ), and can recommend which ones are good choices if you prefer to wet clean.

Zone Heaters

Joe Carter - Monday, October 11, 2010

Zone Heaters are a somewhat new idea. They have actually been around for many years, but they have only caught on recently because more people are trying to reduce their energy expense. Zone Heaters are a very effective way to reduce your power bill. If you live primarily in one or two rooms of your home, such as the living room or den, and spend a good bit more time in that room than all the others, you're a perfect candidate for a zone heater.
 A zone heater is a small portable heater that is cost effective to operate, and looks like an end table that can be matched to your type of furniture. It has a thermostat that can be set for a comfortable temperature that will maintain a cozy environment for the room you're in and you can turn down the thermostat in the rest of the house. That's how you save money. The portion of your home that's not being used can be set at, say, 65 degrees, and the zone heater set to 68 to 70, and your comfort level increases while your power bill decreases.
There are many choices in the zone heater market today. Be very careful when choosing one for your home. Most are made in China and are poorly constructed. Even some of those claim , " Amish built cabinet". The cabinet may last a lifetime, but the working parts, inside most likely won't last more than a couple of years at best, and most are not repairable, and are immpossible to get parts for. It's better to pay a little more and get an American made heater.
 There are 2 very good choices that are made in the USA.. SunAire is one of the original manufacturers that has been around longer than the others, and it's made in Arkansas by a family owned company.
 Riccar is another company that  makes top quality vacuum cleaners and now also makes one of the best zone heaters. It's called the Summer Breeze. They use a metal heat exchanger insted of bulbs like the others, and their machine has a 10 year warranty on the heater core. You can watch the video for a better understanding of it's operation by clicking this link.
Riccar heaters offer two finishes, oak or cherry, and these are solid wood cabinets, not veneered.
Viewmont Vacuums offers SunAire and Riccar zone heaters, and we are running them on sale right now until October 31st

Airflow , Suction , and Filtration

Joe Carter - Friday, September 03, 2010
Dyson vacuums started their advertising campaign with the idea that their vacuum cleaner never loses suction. While that sounds good, and was clever marketing, it has little relevance to how well a vacuum cleaner performs. There are 3 important factors in a vacuum cleaner's performance. Suction power; airflow; and filtration. Of these three, airflow is the most important in actually picking up dirt. You have to move a high volume of air to pick up deep down, embedded dirt from carpets.
 While it's true that you have to have strong suction to get good airflow, you don't necessarily get good airflow just because the suction is good. That's where filtration comes in. If you have ever used a shopvac, you know that they have gobs of suction and good airflow but because they are intended for shop applications and outdoor use, they have terrible filtration abilities. In other words they spew dust. If you increase the filtration ability that a vacuum cleaner has you will in turn degrade the amount of airflow. The perfect balance is when you can achieve the highest airflow and the best filtration at the same time with minimal loss of either. This is why a bagless vacuum cleaner is not usually a good choice. They don't have a high quality bag to catch the bulk of the dirt, so the filter has to do the job of a bag and filter too. This causes them to clog prematurely and blow dust around the filter instead of through it. The result is a very dusty, messy cleaner that performs poorly. That is why companies like Miele have put so much time into developing their high quality, AirClean bags. They filter most of the particles out so that the HEPA filter can do the job it was intended to do, which is filtering microscopic particles. This allows the machine to have peak airflow and peak filtration without compromise. Come check out our full line of Miele, Lindhaus, Sebo, and Riccar at Viewmont Vacuums.

Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

Joe Carter - Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Have You had your vacuum cleaner serviced in a while ? It's a good idea to have a vacuum cleaner serviced annually. Most vacuum cleaners need periodic, preventive maintenance to work at their optimum performance. Bagless vacuums are especially prone to need more attention than a bag type vacuum: Because they don't filter as well without a bag, excess dust and debris accumulates in them . Strings and hair clog brushrolls, and can cause bearings to cease and melt. Excess dust and dander that aren't kept cleaned out of internal parts can cause wear on the motor. Motor mounts get out of adjustment, and screws vibrate loose. Belts need changing, and HEPA filters are supposed to be changed on regular intervals too.
 If you bring your vacuum in to Viewmont vacuums to have it serviced , we will take care of all of these issues and while inspecting it, we will assess how much life is left in the cleaner, and what you can expect out of it in the future. We can also send you a reminder for it's next annual check up, so you can keep your machine in tip top running order, and make it last as long as possible, to keep your home healthy and clean. We can also, usually spot anything you may be doing that is hazardous to the life of your vacuum cleaner, and give recommendations for future purchases that will benefit your needs.

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