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Frieze Carpet

Do you own Frieze carpet? Are you having trouble vacuuming it? You’re not the only …

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This is a very interesting article about dust that was published in Time Magazine. It’s …

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Pet Odors

 Does your vacuum cleaner stink ? Most households have some type of odor issue associated …

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Dry Cleaning Carpet

 Dry cleaning is one of the best choices for cleaning your carpet. Most people are …

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Zone Heaters

Zone Heaters are a somewhat new idea. They have actually been around for many years, …

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Have you noticed the increase in warranty promotion ? Mass merchants have pushed warranties for …

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Airflow, Suction, and Filtration

Dyson vacuums started their advertising campaign with the idea that their vacuum cleaner never loses …

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Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

Have You had your vacuum cleaner serviced in a while ? It’s a good idea …

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Are Bagless Vacuums Really Better?

Are Bagless vacuum cleaners better or worse than bag type vacuum cleaners? There is a huge …

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Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

 Something that I have noticed over the years, that seems to be getting worse. Vacuum …

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Environmental Conscience

When it comes to the economy and the world we all are living in today, …

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