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Brands that have changed ownership

In the last 20 years a lot has changed as far as brand names in the vacuum cleaner world. Hoover, Dirt Devil, Royal, and now Oreck are all owned  by TTI ( techtronic Industries ) of China. In an effort to make an ever cheaper vacuum cleaner that will satisfy the high volume need of mass merchant stores, or “big box” stores as some call them, the brand loyalty goes out the window because of premature failure. In other words, when a vacuum cleaner is designed and built to last only one year, it’s hard to convince buyers to keep buying the same brand repeatedly. 

 Another casualty is Electrolux. A brand that meant quality as far back as 1927 is now owned by White Consolidated, or the company that owns Eureka. Essentially the product sold in mass merchant stores labeled Electrolux is nothing more than a Chinese made Eureka with an inflated price tag.

 There are a few brands that still represent quality today. Miele is not only the oldest company making vacuum cleaners today, but also the largest family-owned appliance company in the world as they are still owned by the Miele family since 1899. Their quality is unsurpassed because they are committed to their own family heritage as well as a commitment to excellence in their industry.  Sebo, another German-made vacuum is also very well made and not willing to reduce quality for a low price. Riccar and Kirby are the only two manufacturers that still produce vacuum cleaners in the USA.

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