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Carpet Fresh Powder

“Carpet Fresh”, “Love My Carpet”, or other brands of powders that are designed to “freshen” carpet are the absolute worst thing you can do to your vacuum cleaner. They not only do not freshen your carpet, they destroy the carpet, the vacuum cleaner, and the floor beneath in some cases. These ( so called ) freshener powders are very fine, abrasive, and corrosive, and they also hold moisture which compounds the corrosive issue. They get into all the tiny nooks and crannies of a vacuum cleaner and cause trouble. Because of the nature of this product, it also will clump. Clumping causes the carpet to deteriorate and can hold enough moisture to rot the floor under the carpet. A vacuum cleaner has ball bearings in the brush roll, the power nozzle motor, and the vacuum motor, all which are adversely effected by this fine, abrasive, corrosive particle. It would be equivalent to poring sand into the crank case ( into the oil ) of you car. 

 This is a product that will void the warranty of your vacuum cleaner. Every vacuum manufacturer has that in the small print of the warranty, so beware. 

  The only true way to eliminate odor problems associated with pets or bacterial odors in your vacuum cleaner is to neutralize them with active charcoal. Most of the better brands of vacuum cleaners have active charcoal filters that can be added to eliminate odors. Miele S6, and S8 canisters are certified sealed systems and offer the “Active Air Clean Filter” on their machines that are the very best at odor control. Riccar , Sebo, and Lindhaus also offer active filters. 

 If you have indoor pets you need a vacuum cleaner with a charcoal filter, and most likely a good extractor to keep the carpets clean and the odors to a minimum. 

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