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Dry Cleaning Carpet

 Dry cleaning is one of the best choices for cleaning your carpet. Most people are familiar with the extraction method, or as it’s commonly called, steam cleaning. It’s a good way to get carpets clean, but it does have its drawbacks. When you use the extraction method, you are dispensing hot water and detergent into the carpet, scrubbing it, and vacuuming it back up. While this does a pretty good job on most types of carpet, you do have the hazard of not being able to get all the water back up. If too much moisture remains, the carpet and pad can mildew. Another negative to this method is not being able to walk on the carpet for several hours until it’s completely dry. If walked on when wet, it will press the carpet down, and won’t stand up correctly after it’s dry. The biggest drawback to steam cleaning by far, though, is having to move furniture. You have to clean wall to wall for the carpet to look right after cleaning is completed, so all the furniture has to be moved out of the room. This can be quite inconvenient.
 With dry cleaning, you only have to clean the dirty parts of the carpet. That is typically the traffic lanes. Because the carpet doesn’t get saturated, it doesn’t change the fabric of the carpet, so you don’t have to worry about the carpet not matching the parts under furniture. After all, there’s no dirt under the furniture anyway; why should you go to the trouble to move it and clean it?
 There is no wait time with dry cleaning either. You can clean it and walk on it at the same time. It does take 3 or 4 hours usually to completely finish the process of the powder, but while it’s on the carpet, doing its thing, it is completely safe to walk on, and pets and children are not in danger, because it’s non toxic.
 So, for a simple, affordable, easy way to clean your carpets yourself, come check out the variety of products Viewmont Vacuums offers for dry cleaning.
 We have machines for sale or rental, and we carry Lindhaus, Pure Power; Sebo, Duo powder; and now Riccar, Carpet Keeper products, and we can recommend which one is right for your needs.
 We do also sell, service, and repair all brands of carpet extractors ( steam cleaners ), and can recommend which ones are good choices if you prefer to wet clean.

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