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Recommended Solutions

Viewmont Vacuums has been serving our customers since 1988, and with well over 30 years of experience, we can help you make the right choice for your household or commercial needs.
If you need recommendations for pet hair problems or spot removal, we have several good solutions for those. If you have allergy issues to address, we have a "certified sealed system" vacuums and air cleaners to assist you in that. For stairs or hard floors, or cleaning your car, or anything else, we have the help you need.
Do you have a vacuum that isn't performing as well as you think it should?  Bring it in for us to assess what it needs. With a no-pressure approach, we will let you know what it will cost to repair, or if it may be a wiser choice to replace it.

Call today or come by our showroom. We're here for you.

  • allergies


    A vacuum cleaner can be your best friend or your worst enemy, when it comes to allergies. If you have respiratory issues of any kind you need a quality vacuum cleaner with a sealed system HEPA filter and a high filtration bag. Bagless vacuums are the absolute worst choice for this because they are very cheaply built and don't have any mechanism to capture dust in a permanent way. You must dump the dirt bin and in doing so, you put a large portion of airborne particles right back into the air. A high quality air cleaner is also a good idea for a home that has pets or allergy sufferers. Ask us about Austin Air air cleaners

  • woodflooring1

    Hard Surfaces

    Hard surfaces need to be vacuumed too. Vacuum cleaners aren't just for carpet. If you are sweeping or using a swiffer, you're still putting a lot of dust in the air to come back  down on your furniture and other household items. Ask us about hard floor vacuums, we have several choices.

  • petHair

    Pet Hair

    Pet hair is a serious problem in many homes today. A good vacuum cleaner can eliminate the issue if you get the right one. All vacuums are not equal, and just because it says "pets" on the machine doesn't mean it's equipped to handle your pet hair issue. A vacuum designed with a permanent belt and a sealed brush roller is best suited for the job, but there are other important factors too. Ask us for recommendations for pet hair issues. We have several good choices.

  • feather


    Oreck and Miele both make lightweight, 8lb upright vacuums. Although we can sell you either one, Miele is the best choice. Oreck tends to be underpowered, harder to push, and overpriced compared to Riccar. Riccar 8lb uprights are made in the USA and have 40% more power than Oreck and are priced lower as well.

  • Top_of_The_Line_Canister


    If you have only one vacuum cleaner in the house, it's usually better if it's a canister vacuum. Canisters with a power nozzle are designed to clean every surface in your home including carpet, hard floors, rugs, stairs, upholstery, etc. A canister will reach under furniture better than an upright, and will typically have more power too. Cleaning your car is also much easier than with an upright. We carry a huge selection of canisters, from basic models all the way to the top.

  • Top_of_The_Line_Upright


    Uprights are considered easier to use by some. While this can be true, uprights do have some limitations such as more weight in your hand and less ability to reach under furniture. Typically uprights don't work as well on hard surfaces and can be very difficult to use on stairs. For wide-open carpet they are fine, and most do a good job. We carry several different types of uprights. There are Lightweights, bypass uprights, Direct air uprights, and Miele makes Tandem Air uprights that will out clean any other upright on the market.

  • Commercial Vacuum Cleaners


    The type of cleaning you are doing will determine the right machine for your needs.  We carry several commercial cleaners in the store and can order most brands that we don't stock.

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