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Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

 Something that I have noticed over the years, that seems to be getting worse. Vacuum cleaner ratings and reviews. There are so many ways to research and learn about products these days on the internet. You can gain alot of useful information, but you can also get swayed into buying a product with high reviews that were given to a product just to sell it. A good example of this is Consumer Reports. They rate vacuum cleaners every few years. If you look at the list of their top picks for that report, you will almost always find Hoover and Kenmore in the top 3. In 1996, I believe it was, they rated a Kenmore as the best buy for that report. Third from the bottom of the list was a Singer upright. To the uninformed consumer ( which IS the whole point of the report ), that would tell them that the Singer wasn’t very good, and that the Kenmore was what they should buy. The problem is, the Kenmore was exactly the same vacuum cleaner; manufactured by Singer for Sears, with a Kenmore label. How can the same vacuum cleaner be a best buy, and third from the bottom at the same time, in the same test?  They are not a dependable resource, yet they claim to be.
 There are a lot of internet sights now popping up that are claiming to give unbiased reviews of vacuum cleaners. Some are fairly accurate, but most are trying to sell their product over the competition by inflating it’s strong points, and tearing down  the others. Beware of these tactics.
The best source for the truth on which vacuum cleaner is best for your needs, is to walk into a local vacuum store that sells all makes, and they will give you an unbiased look at several choices that fit your needs, and let you decide what you want. That way you get first hand information that is useful to you, not generic information designed to help the average consumer.

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